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The Ultralux® brand covers a great variety of compact fluorescent lamps, dedicated to be used at home, in the office, community and administrative buildings. Soon there will be specialized CFLs for industrial and street lighting.

What makes the Ultralux® lamps better that the others on the market:

1. Most compact size
2. Longest life span, from 10 000 up to 12 000 hours
3. Multi-contact base of all models
4. Biggest variety of shapes, bases, power and application
5. A special designed package in Bulgarian and English with all the required signs and marks according to the European directives
6. Best interrelation between quality and price. Purchasing this Brand you get the best parameters on not so high price

As a result of the technologies implemented in the Ultralux® bulbs, they have 80% (around 5 times) less electricity consumption, compared to incandescent lamps. Besides, there life continuance is 10-12 times longer. If used average 3 hours a day, they will last for around 10-12 years. Even more, if you change a normal 60W incandescent bulb with 12W energy saving Ultralux® lamp and it glows for 3-4 hours a day you will regain 3 times the amount of money invested in energy saving lamps even within the warranty period of one year. For example, if you pay 100 lv. a month for lighting, after a replacement with Ultralux® lamps you will begin paying 20 lv. per month.

In order to be sure of our client’s satisfaction and to guarantee their investment in Ultralux®, we have applied 12 months warranty period.

The CFLs with the brand Ultralux® contain not one, but a combination of 3 types of phosphors. Depending on their proportions and operational spectrum, light itself is defined as follow:
• “Warm” light – 2700K – close to the yellow colored light from incandescent bulbs, suitable for homes, restaurants and public spaces.
• “Warm” daylight – 4200K – with white spice, closest to the daylight, suitable for homes and offices and commercial buildings.
• “Cool” daylight – 6400K – cool white light, appropriate for public and administrative buildings.

Usually when we are purchasing energy saving bulb, one of the main obstacles is information insufficiency on the package. This is the reason why we have created a package, on which we as an Ultralux® brand have applied the following equivalents:


We as an Ultralux® brand have applied following equivalent:
Ultralux® Incandescent
5W 25W
7W 35W
8W 40W
9W 45W
11W 55W
12W 60W
13W 65W
15W 75W
18W 90W
20W 100W
25W 125W
30W 150W
35W 175W
40W 200W
60W 300W
95W 475W

You just need to multiply the figure written on the package by 5 and receive the equivalent of the incandescent bulbs’ power.

But let’s not forget that the real characteristic for the intensity of the light are the Lumens (Lm) and not the Watts (W). Therefore, they also take an important place on the CFL’s cover.

It is important to mention that the Ultralux® lamps are produced mainly for the Bulgarian and European markets and totally fit into the sockets E27, E14, Gu5.3, Gu10 and G24, G9 and R7S which are also marked on the color box.

Do not consider Ultralux® as expense. Ultralux® is guaranteed investment not only for youself, but also for a cleaner and eco-friendly environment.