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Useful tips

Useful tips

• Always turn off the electricity, before changing the energy saving bulb
• When installing, avoid touching the glass tube of the CFL
• It is not advisable to use it with dimmers and electrical timers, if it is not specifically mentioned on the package.
• The CFL works best in temperature range from -10 ̊С to +50 ̊С
• Do not use in places with high humidity or hermetically closed areas. In this case you can shorten the lamp’s life span
• For the best effectiveness of the energy saving bulbs, use them in the electricity range, written on the bottom of the CFL
• When cleaning turn off the power and use a soft, dry cloth


It is important to know that the Ultralux® energy saving bulbs do not have to be thrown away together with the rest of your waste. In contrary to the old ones, that cannot be recycled; those compact fluorescent bulbs are environmental friendly and can be additionally treated after their usage. In concern with protecting the environment and at the same time turning these bulbs into useful material, we need to throw them away separately from the rest of the trash.
The CFLs are of a great value and have to be stored carefully, protecting them from breakage. The ones that are already not in use must be delivered to appointed places for old electrical appliances.


The presented models of energy saving bulbs contain a minimum quantity of mercury. For this reason they are absolutely safe in case of falling and breaking down. If this happens, you just need to clean up the broken parts (but not with a vacuum cleaner) and exceptionally, throw them away with the rest of the waste. A part of the mercury evaporates afterwards without any danger for the surrounding area.
All bulbs from the Ultralux® series are tested and show no content of hazardous impact on the human organism.

The Ultralux® products fulfill the requirements of the European RoHS directive 2002/95/EU for the lack of hazardous substantial in electrical devices.